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Skip Tanner is a native Floridian who has lived and
owned his own metal working business in the Pensacola area for over 30 years. He is an avid surfer and fisherman who brings his love of the Gulf of Mexico and all of it's creatures to his art.
Skip has gone back to the old ways
of  the metalsmiths in creating his one of a kind art.He hand hammers each piece out of the best copper sheets one can buy.He does not use molds so he is not limited in what he can create.If you have an idea for piece that you can't find,give him a call or email
Each is signed and dated by Skip
All designs can be reproduced as wall hangings, weathervanes, or free standing with bases.  Pieces are handmade upon ordering and are unique, they may differ from those pictured.
Contact Info:
Phone number  (850)932-4812 
On facebook

Old Salts Copper Designs
Also found on Etsy.com
Items can be purchased on Etsy or by contacting the artist.
Woody weathervane
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